Our Network Planning consulting services detail the markets that will be served, the legs that will be flown and the frequency with which the markets will be served. We offer the best in:

  • Market Evaluation: competitive analysis of the principal competitors in each potential market.
  • Detailed Analysis: traffic, capacity, service share, fare, etc.
  • Any and all indicative and operational flight schedules required.



Our Fleet Planning consulting services detail the aircraft types and configurations that are best suited for the future network plan. It includes:

  • Performance and Economic Analysis: determine the optimized aircraft type.
  • Aircraft Configurations: meet airline service requirements and maximize profitability.
  • Fleet Type and Count Analysis: detail the type(s) of aircraft that would be deployed for the future years.
  • Fleet Cost Analysis: detail the estimated purchase, operating lease, finance lease, provisioning costs and operating costs of aircraft.



Our Operations Planning consulting services cover all aspects in which the airline is operating. These include:

  • Ground Operations: flight dispatch, load planning, weight and balance, flight planning.
  • Flight Operations: training and regulatory compliance activities.
  • Airport Operations: recommended practices to ensure service levels throughout its airport operations.
  • Crew Contract: recommended terms and conditions to be applied to a crew contract for cockpit and cabin crew.
  • Maintenance Engineering: ensure maintenance efficiency and compliance to regulaton
  • Cargo Operations: recommended practices to ensure cargo terminal & operations service levels.
  • TCO Audit & Reinstatement Services: 
    • Perform audit of current operations & processes
    • Identify gaps to authority regulations
    • Develop corrective action plans to meet authority standards
    • Implement action plans “hand in hand” with the operator
    • Apply for Third Country Operator (TCO) approval
    • Monitor and adjust if required to maintain TCO approval



Our Commercial Planning consulting services detail how the airline will maximize the revenue opportunity. Our experts will recommend and help you implement:

  • Sales Practices: outline how products would be sold.
  • Distribution Practices: across all customer channels (GDS, travel agencies, e-commerce, websites).
  • Pricing Structure (i.e. pricing strategy & practices).
  • Ancillary Practices: detail how to sell and distribute ancillary products.
  • Yield and Revenue Management Practices: recommend yield management strategies to maximize revenue.
  • Product Features: detail the basic product approach and strategy of the airline. 


Airport Air Service Development

Our Air Service Development consulting support is based on the industry-leading data source and includes:

  • Aviation Forecasting
  • Air Service Market Assessment
  • Corporate Sustainability Studies
  • Air Service Catchment Area Analysis
  • Financial Incentive Scheme Strategies
  • Airline Route Analysis & Strategic Planning
  • Presentations to prospective airlines and airports on the opposite end of proposed service.



The Infrastructure Planning consulting services detail the organizational structure, facilities requirements, and technology requirements of the airline. Elements include:

  • Organizational Structure: includes the number and cost of each type of resource required (e.g. pilots, cabin crew, managers, accountants, etc.).
  • Facilities Plan: determines the type, configuration and forecasted price of facilities required to operate the carrier (operating and non-operating facilities).
  • Technology Plan: details the types and costs of commercial and I.T. systems required to operate the airline.



Our Financial Planning consulting services detail pro forma financial statements for the airline throughout the future years of its operation. Our services include forecasts for:

  • Revenues
  • Operating Expenditures
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Cash Requirements
  • Capital Requirements
  • Debt Facilities
  • Equity Requirements of the Airline.



Our Service Planning consulting services detail the level of service that will be provided by the airline at each customer touch-point, including:

  • Office
  • Call Center
  • Airport Services: check-in, lounges, and gat facilities.
  • In-Flight Service Levels: include interior amenities and catering.
  • Post-Flight Facilities: include baggage delivery.



Our Airline Startup consulting assistance is designed to address all of the implementation requirements of a start-up airline and to ensure successful continuity of the airline after the project is over. Pieces of the puzzle we'll recommend include:

  • Airline Mission, Vision & Corporate Values
  • Network & Fleet Plans
  • Commercial & Operations Plans
  • Service & Infrastructure Plans
  • Financial Analysis & Forecast Plan


OEM Consulting Services

  • Aircraft Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Airline & Market Analysis
  • Training
  • Sales Processes
  • Major aircraft manufacturers
  • Jets & Turboprops
  • Hundreds of Aircraft Sales & Marketing Campaigns
  • Analytical tools development


Sustainable Aviation Fuel Consulting

Through our balanced approach, we deliver value and proven expertise throughout the spectrum of clean energy, including life-cycle analysis, asset development, regulatory engagement, compliance management, and audit. Our scope of service encompass:

  • Techno-economic analysis, environmental evaluations, feasibility studies, and risk analysis
  • Assisting clients with insurance, legal, accounting, plant fabrication, and feedstock procurement
  • Sustainable airport design and construction
  • Design and implementation of circular business models within airports’ supply chain


Distribution Consulting

We provide Technical Support and effective training to ensure the successful management of passenger’s booking, ticket issuance, and offered services. We help airlines in their PSS migration and guide desk agents, trainers, and reservation/ticketing staff to master the following:

  • ARDW environment and its Architecture
  • Availability, pricing, schedule, and time tables
  • PNR Management
  • Seat requests
  • Special service requests
  • Queues Management
  • Fares information and Pricing
  • Issuing, revalidating, and re-issuing e-tickets
  • Issuing, revalidating, and re-issuing EMDs
  • Sales report
  • Refunds and Void Documents
  • CPD (Carrier preferred Display Amadeus System)


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