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AviAnalysis is built on a layered architecture pattern and can be accessed as a web application. The system blends the best of human expertise with system technologies.





All Major Airline Manufacturers
Aircraft Performance Analysis
Default Characteristics
Aircraft Performance Analysis
Custom Overrides
Aircraft Performance Analysis
Route and Diversion Distance
Aircraft Performance Analysis
Environment & Operating Conditions
Aircraft Performance Analysis
Operator's Assumptions
Aircraft Performance Analysis
Airport Conditions
Aircraft Performance Analysis
Input Review
Aircraft Performance Analysis

A few words about us

we are?

AviaPro Consulting Inc. is a boutique aviation consultancy firm. Our purpose is to transform our clients' businesses by helping them solve their most important financial and operational challenges and optimize their returns. Drawing on 150 cumulative years of experience working with the world's aviation companies, we mobilize experts and resources to deliver a broad range of consulting services across airline network and fleet planning, commercial operations, pricing, revenue management, flight operations, maintenance and engineering, Civil Aviation Authority expertise, and cargo operational management experience.

We've consulted for 100+ airlines and 25 airports globally, powered by an extensive network of diverse aviation professionals and our partners.



I can't say enough about the excellent work that the AviAnalysis team has done on our project. There were minor problems along the way; these were sorted out quickly and efficiently. I appreciate their promptness.

Mark Leighton

President of Operations

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the services the AviAnalysis team has provided. they have been a pleasure to work with, professional and timely. I hope we can continue to grow together.

Philip Smith

Airport Coordinator

We're really impressed by the quality of services I received from the AviAnalysis team. They were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time.

John Luciuk

Co-founder & CPO at Airline


Price Guide

Pay As You Go (USD)

  • Lowest cost entry point to obtain timely and accurate aviation analysis results:

    •     a. Quick turnaround of results that are not pre-generated

    •     b. Different analysis types from a single system that’s easy to use

    •     c. Access available 24-7

    •     d. Live online customer support

  • Types of Services

    Services Basic Level Premium Level
    Aircraft Performance Analysis 1 Aircraft, Up to 10 Routes 2 Aircraft, Up to 20 Routes
    Aircraft Operating Economics Analysis 1 Aircraft, Up to 10 Routes 2 Aircraft, Up to 20 Routes
    Passenger Demand Analysis Up to 5 Markets, Client Provided Schedule Up to 5 Markets, AviaPro Optimized Schedule

  • List Prices

    Services Basic Level Premium Level
    Aircraft Performance Analysis $1,600 $1,900
    Aircraft Operating Economics Analysis $1,900 $2,200
    Passenger Demand Analysis $2,500 $2,800

Subscription Packages (USD)

  • A range of packages to suit your needs, choose from any combination of Services, up to 20% saving opportunity.

  • Subscription Packages

    Package Number of Services Subscription Price
    A 6 $12,800
    B 7 $14,300
    C 8 $15,900
    D 9 $17,500
    E 10 $19,100
    F 11 $20,800
    G 12 $22,700

  • Contact us to order your subscription package.


First Time Buyer Advantage » 40% OFF

  • 40% off list prices on any order. Use the discount code: "FirstTimeBuyer".

Repeat Customer Advantage

  • 15% off list prices for next orders.

Payment Methods

  • Major credit cards and payment gateways accepted. For subscription packages, wire option is available.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this product?

To meet demands for quick and affordable access to customized analysis, that is not pre-generated.

What are the different kinds of information I can't find anywhere else?

AviAnalysis is a one-stop-shop system that provides aircraft mission performance and trip operating costs of most major airliners and forecasted passenger demand on any worldwide market. We will continue to expand our database to improve product offering.

What makes AviAnalysis different?

Customize analysis is available 24-7, thru a simplified online process and a request can be made without time-consuming service agreements or contractual discussions.

Why is AviAnalysis better than other analysis tools?

With AviAnalysis, you don’t need to know how to use multiple complex analysis tools; and you don’t have to spend valuable time negotiating with suppliers.

How is my submitted data protected?

AviAnalysis is an extension of services by AviaPro, and as such is developed with the same level of regulatory compliance and policy AviaPro services are subject to.

In addition to reports, can I get the results in an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes. Results in an Excel spreadsheet are part of the delivered package.

What are your historical data sources for the Passenger Demand Analysis?

Traffic data from Milanamos based on MIDT, local Civil Aviation, Airports, Tourism Organization, Airlines reports, and Airlines Association.

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