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AviaPro Consulting Announces New Partnership with University of Balamand

February 5, 2022

AviaPro Consulting President, Raphael Haddad, alongside the University of Balamand (UOB) Vice President for Internationalization and Engagement and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Rami Abboud, and several prominent faculty members, announced on February 1 their partnership to support the development of high-quality student talent notably in the fields of aeronautical, computer science and mechanical engineering.

Through this joint effort, the students will prepare for the workforce with hands-on, skill-building experience, and contribute to the advancement of innovative ways to deliver analytical and operational services for the company in the aviation industry.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with UOB. This mutually beneficial relationship allows our company to advance its business objectives while bringing to bear the talent available at the university of Balamand, particularly in the areas of aeronautical and mechanical engineering, sciences, and information technology. We look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation between our two organizations”, said Raphael Haddad, President of AviaPro Consulting Inc.

Prof. Rami Abboud commented on the occasion: “We are pleased to ratify this collaboration with AviaPro Consulting, a prestigious company in its field. As a university we are strategically committed to affording our students opportunities for professional development through immersive experiences in work-based learning through strong ties with prestigious industry partners.”

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