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AviaPro Consulting Providing Solutions to the Aviation Industry

17 May 2021

In the best of times, aviation related challenges come in all shapes and sizes, from airlines losing money on routes, to operational issues, to having the right fleet in place.  While the current pandemic has managed to exacerbate them all, the team at AviaPro Consulting Inc. has not been sitting idle. In fact, over the last few months, we have mobilized consultant teams to solve some of the most challenging aviation-related problems, leveraging our network of global experts with all their years’ experience in the industry and specialized qualifications.

At present, we at AviaPro are assisting a national carrier to implement process improvements in the areas of Flight Operations, Quality, Safety Management and Maintenance.  We have four experts on-site at the customer location, as well as a Project Manager and an IT specialist.  Together they are working to transform the airline and introduce industry best practices.

On the commercial side of the business.  we are currently working with an airline to re-design their network and to improve their pricing and revenue management practices.  This involves studying their operation, determining how to improve the performance of their current routes, which routes to stop serving, and which new destinations to add.  Further, the latest pricing and revenue management techniques are applied by our experts to maximize the airline’s revenue generation potential.

Our experts come from diverse backgrounds, all with airline experience before becoming consultants.  They work with their counterparts in the airline – heads of department and their teams – to re-write manuals, streamline reporting structures, conduct training, and ensure adherence to regulation.

Please reach out to to see how our team of consultants can help you solve your aviation challenges, be it in an airline’s operations or commercial departments. AviaPro Consulting’s track record in proposing useful recommendations will surely help carriers around the world achieve improved results.

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