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Aviation Safety Consultancy Services

8 June 2022

Aviation Safety is of key importance. With everything we know about how to get passengers to their destination safely, there is no excuse for not establishing and following Aviation Safety protocols.

As Aviation Consulting specialists, our experts at AviaPro Consulting Inc. put Aviation Safety front and center, helping airlines, operators and regulators such as Civil Aviation Authorities to ensure that they cover the right ground when establishing their own protocols.

Here are some thoughts and questions you might want to ask yourself as you establish safety protocols for your organization:

1.       Executive Support: Do you have the support you need from your Executive Management? Have they set goals, targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with regards to safety in your organization?

2.       Communication Strategies: Have you developed inter- and intra-departmental communication strategies and protocols? Who should be communicating with whom when a crisis occurs?

3.       Policies and Procedures: Did you define, develop, and implement a Safety Management System (SMS) that includes policies and procedures?

4.       Civil Aviation Regulations: As safety standards shift, it is always prudent to review existing regulations and programs and update/restructure them for effective and optimized implementation. When was the last time you reviewed your regulations? Are they updated to include the latest safety standards?

5.       SMS Maturity Continuum: As with any established program, a certain level of maturity prevails. Do you know where your organization stands in that regard? A thorough SMS evaluation to demonstrate the overall maturity and effectiveness of Airlines and Operators’ SMS position is key to meeting the challenges of satisfying regulatory requirements.

6.       Just Culture Development: Mistakes happen: we are all human. Through a program of guidance and facilitation to assist the operator in understanding, building and sustaining a Just Culture and helping to unlock the sharing of safety event information, our AviaPro consultants can ensure each worker carries their fair share of responsibility and accountability.

7.       Safety Risk Management: Risk Management, specializing in aviation safety, plays an important part in avoiding costly accidents in aviation operations. Our highly experienced consultants can provide valuable advice on the management of risk and risk mitigation strategies commonly applied in the aviation industry.

8.       SMS is comprised of four functional components, including an intangible, but always critical, aspect called safety culture.


For a well-functioning and robust Safety Management System, our team of expert aviation consultants can provide the necessary technical, practical, and strategic SMS skills and knowledge for regulators and operators. This includes SMS set-up and staff development supported by engaging the Executive team in understanding safety leadership and organizational culture issues. An expert-led approach by our consulting team will provide for a systematic way to achieving acceptable levels of safety risk for you.

Visit our consulting services page for more information on how we can support you in making the right changes in your organization.

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