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Challenges ahead for aviation consulting

29 September 2022

Businesses across all sectors are needing to compete in an economic environment that is constantly changing. With today’s trend towards environmental responsibility, aviation consulting firms work closely with their airline clients to implement solutions that are efficient and sustainable. However, this adds additional stressors from an environmental, financial and operational perspective. Effective strategy development and process changes are key to helping clients stay ahead of the curve notably when adopting new technologies.

Today, there is a clear need for aviation consulting firms to refocus their business models and organizational framework using a variety of strategies to adapt to the industry's challenges and keep them in the lead.

Main Issues Facing Aviation Consulting Firms Globally

For aviation consulting companies to remain successful in the coming years, the following risks  are the most critical ones to mitigate:

Keeping an Edge Going Forward

Project managers must be strategic business partners fully vested in their clients’ organizational success — and be able to roll with inevitable setbacks. They have to employ highly-focused specialists according to the needs of each project to ensure they have the right skills for the job. 

Successful consultants must prioritize outcomes over daily activities or hourly billing rates. Their success depends on their ability to point out obstacles to overcome, problems to solve, and offer  innovative solutions to implement.

Investing in customizable technology which adapts to the areas of focus and creates better collaboration through streamlined workflow management frameworks, drives more contracts through improved lead management, and promotes superior client relationship management.

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