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Enhancing Airline Customer Engagement: Unlocking the Impact of Brand Awareness

1 April 2024

Just how important is brand awareness in the world of commercial aviation?

 AviaPro Consulting's latest study on customer engagement and the measurable impacts of brand awareness takes a deep look at the transformative potential of brand recognition using the Sky Team alliance as a case study. Through a rigorous analysis, we explored how heightened brand awareness affected customer satisfaction and loyalty, presenting groundbreaking insights for strategic innovation in the aviation industry.

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Unraveling the Impact of Alliance Brand Awareness

In today's interconnected aviation landscape, brand awareness plays a pivotal role in fostering enduring customer loyalty and seamless connectivity. Our latest study examined the nuanced influence of alliance brand awareness, with a specific focus on the Sky Team alliance. We dissected its implications on customer satisfaction and loyalty, shedding light on the intricate dynamics shaping consumer perceptions and behaviors.

Research Methodology

Employing a meticulous mixed-method research approach, AviaPro Consulting engaged 500 passengers through structured surveys at Beirut International Airport, supplemented by 10 in-depth interviews. This comprehensive framework allowed us to capture diverse perspectives on Sky Team brand awareness, combining statistical analysis with thematic interpretation for a holistic understanding of its impact on customer engagement.

Key Insights

Our study revealed that heightened brand awareness served as a catalyst for enhancing perceptions of service quality and mitigating perceived travel risks. Strong brand awareness also significantly influenced consumer behavior, leading to increased loyalty, willingness to pay premium prices, and a greater likelihood of recommending the airline to others. These insights underscore the strategic significance of branding in nurturing positive customer experiences and driving long-term loyalty.

Future Directions

While our study offers valuable insights, we recognize the need for further research across diverse cultural landscapes and airline alliances. Prospective studies could delve into the effects of brand awareness within the realm of digital marketing innovations, providing additional depth to our understanding of its dynamic interplay with customer engagement in the aviation industry.



Our study emphasized the critical role of alliance brand awareness in elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty within the aviation industry. As airlines navigate through the complexities of the competitive landscape, prioritizing brand awareness is an indispensable component of strategic planning. By leveraging these insights, airlines can focus and strengthen their marketing efforts, creating sustained customer loyalty and satisfaction in an ever-evolving industry.

For a comprehensive exploration of the findings discussed above, we invite you to click here to access the full research publication.

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