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Inside AviaPro: Get to know Jorge Abando, Head of Aviation Industry Services

29 September 2022

On November 15, AviaPro Consulting launched AviAnalysis, a fully integrated online aviation analysis system designed to offer easy access to professional analysis and high-valued results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Jorge Abando

Leading the project is aviation industry veteran and AviaPro’s Head of Aviation Industry Services, Jorge Abando, whose decades of international experience in airline analysis, engineering, commercial planning, product development, strategic planning, and more recently DevOps have honed a unique skillset. Recently, he’s expanded his repertoire to include building a DevOps organization to help build more efficient analysis processes and new consulting sales tools including AviAnalysis.

The decision to venture into developing new online sales tools came at a crucial time when the industry needed to reassess, pivot, and quickly adapt to an entirely new reality. According to Jorge, “the pandemic offered the opportunity to examine what can be done differently in our industry, but also in the consulting business”.

Jorge’s career has always been about implementing excellence across the aviation industry, . But its not always about himself, Jorge also has a passion in guiding tomorrow’s industry professionals towards new ways of defining and realizing their objectives.

“As a former flight instructor, I’ve always enjoyed teaching, coaching, and training,” he says. Nowadays, “I’m inspired to work on projects with young talent and helping them understand not only the broader picture, but also the fine details of their contribution to a project”.

It’s easy to understand why Jorge sees experience and innovation as going together in the aviation world. Just ask him what he says are his keys to a successful career: “to be willing to get onto new learning curves, take risks, and build new skills”.

About AviAnalysis:

AviAnalysis is a fully integrated online aviation analysis system that blends the best of human expertise with system technology to deliver timely and accurate aviation analysis to help optimize your Read Online business decisions. Built by industry experts and backed by cutting edge data processing technology, it allows users a simplified request process for aviation analysis, with no time-consuming agreement discussions. Find out more about AviAnalysis and how it can help you modernize and optimize your operations by heading over to AviAnalysis's promotional page.

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