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2 April 2023


Large volumes of personal data are frequently processed by airlines, airport operators, and their service providers, such as ground handling firms. Think of the information you provide when booking a flight: passport number, date of birth, address, and credit card information.  These data include details about passengers, crew and other employees, as well as personal information about suppliers and other business contacts.

On the other hand, the highly regulated environment in which aviation players operate and the transactional nature of their operations add another level of complication in complying with data protection frameworks. Compliance is a marathon, not a sprint; all company employees must remain vigilant.

To cybercriminals, the airline industry is a lucrative target, since airlines have access to their passengers’ sensitive payment and passport information. Particularly in the aviation industry, payments are typically of high value and time sensitive.

As a result, the attackers know they can utilize this information to commit online fraud. Or, equally damaging, to try to blackmail airlines through attacks or ransomware operations.


The many problems of non-compliance to Data Protection Services

Regulations governing data protection and privacy are getting more complex. However, it is an essential step to managing risk. Today, so much information is processed by airlines. The numerous laws that apply in each of the countries as well as the regulations that apply across borders will need to be kept up to date by organizations. Additionally, airlines must think about how emerging technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) may affect their capacity to secure data.

No matter where your airline is located, if you process EU data, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires you to make some major adjustments to your privacy program. In addition to EU and UK GDPR frameworks, the new legislations that will go in effect in USA in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia in 2023 (and in the additional states that are likely to follow in their footsteps in the coming years) will induce the aviation industry to prioritize compliance projects to avoid the major risks of non-compliance.

AviaPro helps organizations to safeguard the fundamental human right to keep data private by recommending and executing on the best possible protection to keep it secure. AviaPro services gives organizations competitive advantage by keeping safe the most important asset on the balance sheet, their large quantities of customer and employee data.

Achieve GDPR compliance with our Data Protection Framework


We assist airlines in complying with their data protection obligations under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We are keen to provide airlines with guidance on how to fulfill their responsibilities as well as implementing those practices within departments.

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