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Strengthening aviation analytical capabilities through industry partnerships

12 May 2021


Important assets for any consultant are insight, knowledge, experience and efficiency.

In this period of recovery from the pandemic’s impact, industry players will have to move quickly and decisively. When consultants are called upon to help re-chart the way forward, the insights they offer are as good as the information available to them. While their knowledge and experience ensure the most relevant assessment results, using robust analytical tools and a broader scope of data to develop the right scenarios and hypothesis greatly improves final recommendations.

At AviaPro Consulting, our consultants have chosen two powerful analytical tools to bring a greater level of efficiency to their analysis. Last year we partnered with Predictive Mobility for the use of Air.PM to support our Network Planning and Route Development activities. This year, we are pleased to announce our newest partner, PACE - a TXT company, whose Pacelab Mission Suite, an industry-leading aircraft performance analysis tool, will provide us with accurate aircraft performance results at our fingertips. By employing both these world-class analytical tools to support AviaPro Consulting’s activities, our efficiency increases. AviaPro Consulting can also demonstrate how these tools can best be used by potential customers interested in acquiring these types of systems.

Air.PM is an analytical tool used for building a coordinated strategy in network planning, route development, scheduling, pricing, and revenue management. Assessing new route opportunities and their impacts on a schedule, as well as a network’s bottom-line, can be done with greater agility and more robust analysis.

Pacelab Mission Suite is a software solution designed for those organizations that need to assess candidate aircraft and their competitor products, so as to give analysts a clear understanding of aircraft performance and economics. Pacelab Mission Suite allows the definition of highly detailed operational settings (vertical flight profiles, reserves policies, etc.) and performs complex trade-offs of multiple aircraft, operational, economic and/or meteorological assumptions on user-definable route networks.

Accessibility to timely, as well as reliable, analysis results is a key differentiator for a global customer base that requires useful analytical services. By strengthening our capabilities through our industry partnerships, AviaPro Consulting’s analysis-based consulting services are delivered to our customers using the latest tools coupled with AviaPro Consulting insight, knowledge, experience, and efficiency.

Reach out to Jorge Abando,, Head of Industry Services, to see how your company can improve the insights they rely on by accessing these tools today.

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