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Ten Instances Showcasing the Impact of AI on Airline's Processes

30 June 2023

Recent advances in technology have altered how companies communicate with their clients, make tactical choices, and design workflows. Today, it is predicted that the aviation industry will be highly affected by the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and analytical systems. AI does not only enable the improvement of customer workflows, but also advances automation, self-service solutions, and provides higher levels of safety through predictive and prescriptive aircraft maintenance. Through the evolution of data management, AI also enables airlines to make informed decisions about pricing and market positioning. Analytics, maintenance activities, customer support, and many other internal processes and jobs can be streamlined and automated using artificial intelligence and its cognitive technologies that make sense of data. 

Here are 10 instances of how  the application of AI can affect an  airline’s processes:

Flight Management (FM)

Self Service at Airports

Fraud Detection

Supply Management 

Fuel Efficiency

Crew Management 

Automation of Messages to Passengers

Analysis of Data/Feedback 

Safety and Maintenance 

Revenue Management

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