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Unveiling Aviation Insights: AviAnalysis Pioneers Knowledge Enhancement

28 September 2023

In the fast-paced realm of aviation, constructing robust business strategies is paramount. Navigating this dynamic landscape demands a wealth of data and insights to fuel market analysis and financial foresight. 

Enter AviAnalysis: a web platform designed to seamlessly bridge information gaps for analysts and industry professionals. Through its three distinct services, AviAnalysis empowers decision-makers with the knowledge needed to steer their ventures towards success.

Aircraft Performance Analysis : Relatable Aircraft Performance

AviAnalysis's first service zeroes in on deciphering aircraft capabilities on specific routes and for specific aircraft models. Popular  airliner types from six OEMs undergo scrutiny, revealing insights into block times, fuel consumption, and payload capabilities . The continuously enriched AviAnalysis database embraces even more aircraft types, bolstering its utility. Here's how this service enriches knowledge:

  1. Global Route Insight: AviAnalysis offers mission outcomes across worldwide routes, identified by origin, destination, and alternate airport IATA codes. Operating assumptions can be tailored, encompassing diverse fuel reserve policies and ambient conditions. This precision arms analysts with context-specific results for informed choices.
  2. Comparative Edge: AviAnalysis presents comparative analyses of diverse aircraft types. Users tailor parameters and explore variables to optimize fuel efficiency and gauge operational sustainability, delivering a holistic perspective.

Service 2: Aircraft Operating Economics Analysis : Elevating Operating Economics Insight

AviAnalysis's second service focuses on aircraft route economic projections through a two-pronged approach:

  1. Unified Data Hub: Merging internal cost data with IATA's authoritative charge rates, AviAnalysis streamlines access to vital operating cost metrics and soon, route profitability insights. Manual data input is eradicated, fostering dependable projections.
  2. Precision Modeling: Crafting precise fleet projections demands a robust modeling technique. AviAnalysis delivers tailored results, facilitating intricate financial models. Sensitivity analyses empower users to fine-tune projections, driving accurate forecasts.

Service 3: Passenger Demand Analysis : Projecting Passenger Demand

AviAnalysis's third service zeroes in on forecasting passenger demand and market shares for new flight schedules:

  1. Data Fusion: AviAnalysis aggregates data from eighty global sources, enhancing demand and revenue projections. It encompasses historical market data, as well as data from GDSs, BSP, civil aviation authorities, airports and airlines.
  2. Comprehensive Forecasts: Anticipating future trends, AviAnalysis predicts local point-to-point and connecting passenger traffic over three years. Market shares, load factors, and capacity shares are delivered in tandem, empowering analysts to have a wide overview of the market’s potential.

AviAnalysis emerges as a game-changer in aviation business cases. Its potent arsenal of services empowers analysts with timely and reliable insights. Decision-makers armed with AviAnalysis' tools craft informed strategies, present compelling cases, and propel aviation success. In a dynamic industry, embracing AviAnalysis drives the pursuit of opportunities and secures a competitive edge.
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